Would the Zuzalu community be open to more sociological knowledge and analysis?

When our analysis of the world is constrained to modeling the behaviors and attitudes of individual rational economic agents or even predictably irrational psychological personalities, dynamics and features at social/network levels are obscured, or worse, misidentified as individual level features and behaviors. The often-inequitable power dynamics operating at social/network levels are also, thereby, obscured. Apart from questions of justice and equity, the lack of social analysis can blinker our attempts to properly locate problems and identify their plausible solutions, or foresee the unintended consequences of systems that optimize for individualistically modeled outcomes. It seems this blinkered analysis could significantly limit attempts to prevent or solve global crises and existential risks, and even generate new risks across the domains considered by the Zuzalu community. So, should Zuzalu make extra efforts to bring in sociological imagination (and perhaps even more sociologists) into their explorations?

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Sociology pretty much failed as an academic discipline to even idealize scientific standards, if we want to learn about social dynamics we should rather focus on (scientific) parts of psychology and game theory.

Most sociological positions are build on ideological assumptions, what is no surprize as there is no „failing forward“ by experiments that kill a false hypothesis possible.